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Key Features

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

ABT’s BG-75 Biomarker Generator integrates a radioisotope generator with kit-based micro-radiochemistry and automated quality control to provide PET biomarkers at a user’s fingertip

  • Simple graphic user interface navigates the user through the production process while embedded production and quality control processes minimize the need for specialized staff

  • The BG-75’s self-shielding, small size and low power requirements allow for a simple installation with minimal facility modifications

  • A complete PET biomarker lab can fit within a 35 m2 space

  • Self-shielded accelerator and chemistry produces a low radiation burden

  • Minimal modifications to a facility are needed to implement, resulting in a quick and low cost installation

  • The BG-75 is scaled for a single user and is a cost effective solution to either introduce or expand the use of PET within a facility

  • Consumable reagent kits and dose synthesis Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. cards make it well suited for dose-on-demand

  • Low infrastructure requirements dramatically reduce operating costs

  • ABT’s BG-75 produces the critical PET biomarker, FDG, for today’s clinical needs and is easily adaptable for future radioisotopes and PET biomarkers of tomorrow

  • Single and dual-dose production of an FDG dose as fast as every 30 minutes or small batch production every hour.

  • Advanced F-18 biomarker capability including FMISO, FLT

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