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BG-75 Micro-Chemistry Unit

·Key Features

  • Final Radioactivity Yield: 10-13 mCi's single dose, 26-28 mCi's batch dose.

  • Final Product Volume: 2.0 ml

  • Control System: HMI with embedded control

  • Consumables:

  • Reagent kits, containing chemicals for radiolabeling reaction

  • Sterile, disposable, single-use Dose Synthesis Cards containing production components

  • Programmable and capable of producing any one- or two-step F-18 radiochemistry process

  • Self-shielded, installed adjacent to the accelerator shield

·Quality Control

  • Embedded quality control process minimizes the need for highly specialized staff

  • System uses embedded methods, micro-sensors, and small-scale analytics (HPLC, radiation detector, pH meter) to perform multiple tests as required by pharmacopeia standards to qualify radiopharmaceutical for human injection

  • pH

  • Filter integrity

  • Residual volatile organics

  • Radiochemical purity

  • Radiochemical identity

  • Chemical purity

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