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Through OCELO HEALTH CARE, Next Generation Hospital can offer a favorable financing for its customers. OCELO H.C.’s own slogan “Innovate, finance, develop, grow” goes for both us and for those who want to build their local hospital.
By means of government bodies, the banks and private capital, we can probably offer the best project funding available. The benefits are many:

Log-term loans and guarantees – repayment terms are only limited by the nature of the goods and the maximum allowable tenors under the OECD Consensus.
Attractive interest rates – a fixed index rate (CIRR) is offered, which is valid for four months.

The general terms will depend on the assumptions of the project. Up to 85% of the contract value can be provided in financing, an up to 90-95% of total loan amount can be guaranteed. The remaining 5-10% must be guaranteed by another bank or other available assets.

Terms and processing time will, of course, depend on country risk, preferred currency and financial status of the client. One must apply for funding before final contract signing between exporter and customer. Kolent represents the client throughout the process – from assessment to binding offer is presented.

All in all, those who close a deal with New Generation Hospital, are guaranteed a very favorable funding.
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